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Baby wakes up with every emotion ~ funny

> Things like this make me want to be a father.

> Sad, happy, disgusted, confused. Then you see the sheer terror start as soon as he properly opens his eyes.

I feel you little guy.

> Pretty sure this is exactly how I wake up every morning.

> So cute and funny. I’m surprised the father could restrain his laughter.


11 month old twins dancing to daddy’s guitar

> That look they give each other when the music starts… absolutely adorable!

> I’ve gone from not wanting kids, to wanting twins and learning to play guitar.. in the space of 45 seconds.

> Proven that babies can and do effectively communicate with each other.

> I’m amazed at the human response to music/harmony at this early a stage. Instantly they’re just like “wow, this is pleasing to the ears! I love this!”

> Oh snap sis it’s our jam!


Milk in my sippy cup, yo!

"I thoroughly enjoyed that."